Publicado por: rivermom | fevereiro 27, 2008

If Hillary were your wife…

I’m not a man, but a normal suburban housewife with 2 kids. Recently, moved by the excitement around the American Democratic presidential run, I’ve been watching more CNN whenever the kids let me.

Watching Hillary’s latest “hate x love” behavior against her opponent Obama, made me be even more certain that I’d not like to see her in the front run. The “stage” looks like a cheap Mexican soapopera, I told my husband. That will probably bring her more female voters in the blue-colored state Ohio or the latino dominated Texas. However, reading “Obama’s Support Grows Broader, New Poll Finds” on New York Times, brought me another perspective. The one of why Obama has been getting more support from men (“[Obama] had the support of 26 percent of the male Democratic primary voters; in the latest poll, that had climbed to 67 percent.“)

I can see why, after been spelling so many words on her opponent male voters would be avoiding her. Male voters hear the voice of their own angry wives behind her. Myself, how often had I not turned to my husband to trown him words like “Shame on you!” ?

I’m in my early 40’s and 10 of those years, being with my husband. He knows that every month I can change my mood between love X hate at every half-an-hour (just being optimistic). He has turned wise enough to avoid any conflict with me during this time but even with no reason, I would spell crocodiles on him sometimes. Sometimes I regret for my behavior, sometimes not. Sometimes I’m too emotional and sometimes I’m too cold. After the turmoil I’m devastated…

When I look at Hillary’s behavior I can see myself there sometimes (she had even cried before !) and that might associate with many female voters. If me, as a woman see myself on her, why not our husbands would not see their wives there, on their worst mood ?

Many men may not know WHO they want to be the President of the United States, but they probably know better WHO they DON’T want to, and THAT is their wives !


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